Smart Home Updates: What to Consider and What to Buy

Ionteks_nonvif/ February 3, 2022/ Technology

Guest article provided by: Millie Jones from Senior Wellness There are countless smart home products on the market, and each of them makes big promises of boosting convenience, safety, and energy savings for homeowners. Adding smart home technology can also increase appraisal value, which can benefit you should you ever choose to sell your home. But which technologies actually deliver

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Smart Home Components for Vacation Rentals

Customer Service/ February 18, 2021/ Technology/ 1 comments

In the competitive vacation rental industry, a smart home system can really make your property stand out among the rest. In this article, we will be learning about a variety of smart home components and how they fit into a great smart vacation rental. These upgrades will not only enhance your guests’ experience, but they will also improve life for

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What Does a Smart Home Look Like in 2020?

Customer Service/ November 9, 2020/ Technology/ 0 comments

When you think of smart homes, you may picture the 1999 Disney film Smart House. Today’s smart homes are nothing like that…well they don’t have a mind of their own, that’s for sure! Let’s talk about the current technological components to today’s smart homes.   First, let’s touch base with our minorly nerdy side and talk about how smart home devices communicate. Believe it or

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