Smart Home Updates: What to Consider and What to Buy

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Guest article provided by: Millie Jones from Senior Wellness

There are countless smart home products on the market, and each of them makes big promises of boosting convenience, safety, and energy savings for homeowners. Adding smart home technology can also increase appraisal value, which can benefit you should you ever choose to sell your home. But which technologies actually deliver on their promises? And which ones should you invest in when you’re on a limited budget?

IOn Technologies is no stranger to world-class smart home products, and we’re able to help you integrate a variety of preferred technologies to upgrade your home. However, we also realize there’s a lot to consider. Whether you’re trying to completely outfit your home or simply invest in a product or two, the practical information below may help you on your journey.


When it comes to energy savings, smart thermostats will make perhaps the biggest difference of all smart home products. In short, these products allow you to control and program your home’s HVAC remotely via a mobile device, and can lead to significant energy savings.

There are many thermostats on the market that will help you save on your energy bill, but if you want to ensure you get the most out of your investment, opt for one with sensors and a voice assistant. Also, your smart thermostat should be compatible with your HVAC system and integrate with any other smart home devices you have. Google Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell manufacture some of the top thermostats.

Light Bulbs

Similar to smart thermostats, smart lights can help you save on your energy bill by allowing you to control and program your home’s lighting remotely. Items like a smart Wi-Fi LED bulb with a dimmable light, the Smart RGB Ambient Light, and a smart home enabled ceiling light save energy and provide ultimate convenience. They also work with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and other industry-leading smart home systems.

Smart Home Theater System

A smart home theater system can truly enhance your entertainment experience, and with so many features to consider, it’s easy to put together a system that fits your budget and needs. A smart TV and speakers, a home projector, a streaming device and a quality AV receiver can level up your moving-watching experience so that it feels like you’re at the theater.

Sprinkler Controllers

Think of smart sprinkler controllers as thermostats for the outdoors. If you want to keep your lawn and garden maintained and lush while cutting down on wasted water, this is a type of product worth investing in.

You can easily program these systems to activate on a set schedule, and you can also control them from the companion app. Look for a product that will support voice control by integrating with your smart home ecosystem (e.g., Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, etc.). Rachio and Netro make some of the best smart sprinkler controllers on the market.

Security Systems

As a homeowner, nothing is more important than ensuring the security and safety of your family members and property. That’s why a smart security system should be one of the first purchases you make as you build your smart home.

Consider all-in-one systems manufactured by Vivint and ADT, which include comprehensive security packages and monitoring. If you want individual pieces (e.g., cameras, alarms, sensors, etc.), there are plenty of high-quality products from Ring, Nest, and other companies. Moreover, you might want to check with your home insurance provider about savings opportunities when incorporating smart home technology.

Energy Monitors

Finally, keeping track of which appliances and devices are using the most energy in your home is, well, impossible—that is unless you have a smart energy monitor. Make an upfront investment in a monitor from Sense or Wiser, and it will quickly pay itself off in energy savings!

Whether your goal is to build a full-fledged smart home or find a single product that can save you money and enhance your home life, it’s critical that you know which products can best serve your needs. Thermostats, lights, sprinkler controllers, security systems, and energy monitors are some of the quintessential smart home products to consider. Along with looking into the specific products mentioned above, keep doing your research to ensure you are making informed decisions!

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*Note: To integrate a video doorbell with a digital voice assistant and see the display, you will need a product with a screen such as Amazon Show or Google Nest Hub.

*We do not sell or program systems to signal or detect a burglary, fire, robbery, or medical emergency. All of our systems are designed and programmed for home automation purposes only.