Smart Home Features Can Positively Impact Buying or Selling a Home

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Are you ready to hit the housing market? Whether you’re buying or selling, smart home features can play a role in decision-making these days. Ion Technologies recommends that you keep the following in mind when you’re listing a property or hunting for your next abode.

Selling Smart Homes

Selling a house with smart home features can give you an advantage over other properties on the market. According to some studies, millennials in particular are ready to pay more for homes with automated features installed. Smart home features can be anything from smart locks to thermostats, and even if your home doesn’t sell for more money, as LifeHacker explains, you’re likely to receive a better offer sooner with automated improvements already in place. Particularly appealing options are smart automation devices which control lighting, window treatments, your HVAC system, as well as exterior security cameras you can manage from your smart device.

What Is Available?

There are so many options these days that it can become overwhelming when you try to sort out the details. To help you wade through your choices, here are some smart home devices to consider:

Thermostat. Consider options with voice control, scheduling features, and that alter the temperature automatically when you leave.
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Rather than chirping at you when the batteries run low, these can send alerts to your phone. They can also alert your phone when they detect trouble in your home.
Video doorbell. These can record who is at your door and can send video via the web. Some offer audio features. Recordings are saved to the cloud.
Smart light bulbs. Lighting that can be altered from your phone, changing brightness, color, and scheduling at your convenience.
Smart speaker. Adding a smart speaker allows you to link devices together. These are handy for setting a routine and you can use voice activation to trigger the routine, such as when you go to bed.
Smart appliances. A refrigerator, dryer, washer, and/or TV you can receive messages from or manipulate from your phone.

To help integrate your smart home features, connect with experts at Ion Technologies to install and bundle these components. Professional installation ensures your tech is properly connected and works as it should.

House Hunting

It’s important to recognize the impact smart home technology has on buying a home. Automated features are available in virtually every housing market now and at every price point. There are many advantages to smart home features, not only in terms of convenience and security but also in energy efficiency. A smart home will not only be enjoyable to live with, but it can also ease your energy use and utility bills.

You can expect smart homes to be at increased demand, either fetching a higher price point than similar homes, or being snatched up quickly, so it’s important to be ready when “the one” comes along. Make a point to stay alert to the manufacturers, as name brand devices will likely offer more reliable support than off-brands. To find a home with a smart system already installed, you might prefer to connect with a realtor familiar with both smart home technology and who knows what properties are available in the location you desire. You can also survey local listings to see which ones specifically market their automation offerings.

Smart Decisions

Smart home technology is changing the housing market. Homeowners have much to gain from automation, from convenience to saving energy. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, be attuned to the advantages of smart home technology.